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Roots to Recovery

This is the first of its kind Kinetics Retreat.  It involves 6 hours of intense yoga practice where your Asanas will be corrected, neurokinetically and subtly to balance your body. 

 14th - 15th September | INR 13,500 (Single Occupancy) or INR 9,500 (Shared Room)

The Seventh Sense Movement & Language Centre

The Seventh Sense started as a Movement Centre. After years of Manual therapy releases and Myofascial releases, they realized that Movement, understood and directed well, can work to heal a multitude of problems. 

As they moved closed to the steadfastness of Physical being, they started exploring deeper layers. We discovered that the foundation to an emotional stability lies in Communication.

Not only the ability to communicate but also the ability to reflect.
Now, as a Movement and Communication Centre, they are building into the secure realm of a Community- sharing ideas and philosophies.

About Dr. Neha Kothari

Dr Neha Kothari has been a practising Physiotherapy for the last 19 years.  She has travelled extensively - Australia, USA, Hongkong, Singapore and the UK to attend various seminars ranging from Manual therapy to craniosacral therapy, in order to work on various systems of the body simultaneously for Rehab. 

Her specialities include Neurophysiology - Corrical Subcortical Relay studies, Orthopaedics - Rehab post-Joint replacements, Biomechanics and Kinetic Control as a combination. 

What are the Kinetics sessions?

Kinetics - a Group Dynamic session designed by the founder of The Seventh Sense, is meant for those who believe they can’t work out due to an injury or imbalance. That window of people who are ‘stuck’ and find themselves without a direction.

The workout is conducted by Dr Neha Kothari herself, who is also well versed in adaptation techniques that open up more challenging movements works to the patient once their problem has been worked upon. 




  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards

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