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This is a tricky one. When people ask us what our amenities or facilities are, we tell them that we're an intimate, family-run bed and breakfast. 


While the rooms are all air-conditioned, have a hot-kettle, linen, attached bathrooms with hot water, we must mention that we are a rural farm stay in Nashik. 


Our rooms do not have televisions, Wi-Fi or room service. And while we understand that the idea of not having television (or wi-fi) can be intimidating to many, we believe that this is how we're different from the rest of the weekend getaways. Over the last couple of months, because there are no other ways of entertaining oneself, people have come out of their rooms and spoken to one another, engaged with one another and really gotten to know one another. They've all come as strangers but left as friends. 


One of our guests actually pointed this out to us and we couldn't agree more. She said, "If we did have televisions or Netflix, we would have probably locked ourselves in the rooms and not spoken to the other people. Maybe exchange a smile or pleasantries (at most) during breakfast." But instead, they left getting to befriend ten other people that weekend.


Having said that, here is a list of everything we offer. 


  • Housekeeping included.

  • Meals (for groups of six or more) on request.

  • Inclusive of breakfast ( Tea Coffee, an Indian preparation -Poha / Upma / Idli, Eggs, Toast, Cornflakes and a fruit)

  • All rooms with attached bathrooms.

  • Towels and toiletries provided. 

  • King-sized bed for two. Additional mattress available on request. 

  • Tea kettle with complimentary Tea and Coffee in rooms. 

  • Generator back-up. 

  • 24-hour hot and cold water supply. 

  • Luggage Rack.

  • Outdoor seating area.

  • Sweeping lake views.

  • Transport arrangements from Mumbai or Pune on request. 

  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards

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