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How far are you from Nashik?

We are in Nashik. These are the distances to nearby attractions:

Central Bus Stop / Bombay Naka: 25-30 minute drive

Nashik Road Railway Station: 40-minute drive

Sula Vineyards: 5-7 minute drive

York Winery: 3-5 minute drive

Soma Vineyards: 5-7 minute drive

Shirdi: 2-hour drive

Trimbakeshwar: 30-minute drive

How long it does take from Mumbai to Nashik?

That depends on what time you leave Mumbai and the internal traffic in Mumbai. On average, from Thane, you should take 2.5 hours non-stop. 


Are there places to stop en-route from Mumbai to Nashik?

We recommend halting at any of the following places on the road:

- Shiv-Sagar (roughly an hour after Thane). 

- McDonald's (There are two. One is 30 minutes from Thane and the second one is 60 minutes away from Thane)

- Burger King (Roughly 60 minutes from Thane)

- Shree Dutta Snacks Spot for authentic Maharashtrian snacks


Does Ola / Uber work in Nashik?

While Ola is functional in Nashik, we're located on the outskirts and it can't be reliable. We recommend having your own car. If not, we recommend hiring a taxi/rickshaw beforehand so you will have the mobility to go around to places.


Do you have accommodation for drivers or nannies?

We do not have any accommodations for drivers or nannies on site and do not permit any non-residential guests/drivers on site. There is a guest house close-by where drivers go to stay. We can connect you to them and you can book with them directly. 


Do you have a family room?

Each of our rooms at Utopia Farmstay, Nashik can accommodate up to 3 persons only. 

What activities do you have? 

We're a simple farm stay bed & breakfast. Most of our guests come here to disconnect and do nothing. Apart from our scheduled workshops, we have no other activities on site. Please come if you truly want a weekend to just switch off!  


Do you have Wi-Fi?

As we mentioned, guests come to us to switch off. We do not have or encourage wi-fi. We don't have televisions either. Bring a book, talk to the other guests and take a walk around the lake instead. 


Does mobile connectivity work?

While you cannot expect 4G speeds, you'll have sufficient mobile connectivity to make phone calls and WhatsApp messages. 


Do you have room service? 

No. We're a family-run property and do not have room service. All our rooms are self catering. All meals can be consumed in our communal seating area outside.

Is the property wheel-chair accessible? 

While the entire property is built on one level, there are two steps that need to be climbed to enter the room. Please do zoom into the pictures in our gallery and have a look at the same. 


Do you serve meals? 

For groups of 6 persons or more (or multiple smaller groups requesting meals), we  arrange homecooked meals. A vegetarian limited thaali will cost INR 300/- per person, per meal and a limited chicken thaali will cost INR 400/- per person, per meal. The thaali includes 2 vegetables, dal or kadhi, 5 phulkas, rice, salad, papad, aachar, one snack item (Dhokla, Kachori, etc), and a dessert. Please note that we would need a prior intimation for booking the meals. Lunch is served between 1PM-2PM and dinner is served between 8.30PM -9.30PM.

For groups lesser than 6 persons, there are plenty of restaurants near-by. Some of them being: Saadhna Village, The Cobble Street, Little Italy, Raasa Indian Restaurant at Sula, Seeyona and The Cellar Door at York Winery. You could go there in person, bring a parcel or some of these may even deliver. We can provide you with the cutlery and a microwave if you'd like.  


Do you allow weddings or events?

No. We do not host weddings, events or parties. 


Do you allow pets?

No. We are not a pet-friendly accommodation.


I am an influencer. Who can I speak to regarding collaborations?

Currently, we are not looking to engage in influencer driven activities. However, you are welcome to email us your media kit at and we'll reach out to you if we are looking to activate the same.


I would like to host a workshop/retreat. Who can I speak to regarding this?

We'd love to hear more. Email us on


  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards
  • Utopia Farmstay, Near Sula Vineyards

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